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Key Software Architecture Metrics

Research Results of the Key Software Architecture Metrics

If you remember my article about Software Architecture Quality Attributes, you know that we have been conducting a survey to find out key software architecture metrics that leading companies and software architects use. As quality of a software’s architecture is essential, yet very difficult to apprehend and measure. And the quality features of an architecture are not obvious as relations and dependencies can extend very far away. So, today is the day! Today I would like to share with you the results, but please note, this is a positive experience of specific companies, but it doesn’t mean that these metrics are transferrable to all environments. Some you might find useful for your project, some maybe not. But here goes the results thanks to the following companies that place a special focus on software architecture: Apiumhub, Endava, Codurance, Thoughtworks, Mittelabs, DoItinternational, Developertoarchitect, wps, Xebia, Hello2morrow, Rollbar, Roche, ABB, Hoxell, Vidactive.

As we all know, in Software Development, early detection of software architectural issues is key. It helps mitigate the risk of poor performance, and lowers the cost of repairing these issues. So, let’s analyze software architecture metrics that got mentioned on the survey to build scalable projects.

You can find the interview here.