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Adopting an Intentional Strategy for Managing Team Cognitive Load

21 June 2024

I recently created an online cohort-based course, Effectively Manage Team Cognitive Load. Since the release of Team Topologies book, I have adopted its language and principles in my consultancy practice, supporting organizations in their digital transformation journey. I've noticed in the field that more people are aware of the effects of unmanaged Team Cognitive Load in their teams and organizations, using the concept presented in the Team Topologies book to drive changes in their organizations.

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My observations on the effects of CAPEX and OPEX on organisational behaviour

19 December 2022

During my career, I've been involved in different digital transformations, ranging from financial to telco institutions. Those digital transformations aim to evolve the operating model (or parts of it) and bring digital capabilities to the forefront. As part of it, new ways of working are implemented, which leads to new practices to manage capabilities. You might recognise those digital transformations by other names, such as Agile transformation, DevOps transformation, or cloud transformation.

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Skills required for a CTO - be transformational

21 July 2022

Today, most companies have a CTO. Title, responsibilities, and expectations of the job may vary per company, as there is no singular definition of a “CTO”. But what I notice from various assignments in the software and technology industry is a convergence of the skills required to fill the role of a CTO.

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Thoughts on organizing architecture

03 August 2021

When being part of an enterprise, you will meet different architects on any given day. The first one introduces itself as a solution architect, the other calls itself the enterprise architect, and they both mention a domain architect. It might feel like different names for the same thing, and perhaps even a bigger question, do we even need all of these different architects? Should the team not be able to make all of these architectural decisions by themselves?

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Mental models: a reflection on AWS outage

11 January 2021

My reflection on the recent AWS outage (November 2020). Rather than focus on the technical aspects, and how technical dependencies can be managed, I will deep dive into social aspects; namely the mental models, and how they play in a sociotechnical system under stress. I will share my experiences in how to escape from the reliability trap

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