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ABN AMRO: Building High-Performance IT Organizations

Talk at Xebia Breakfast Session held at Hilversum, The Netherlands on 26 November 2019


Recently ABN AMRO embraced their DevOps journey, recognizing that they need to continue in the path of continuous improvement. The market demands are high, and they continue to crunch knowledge and create new insights on top of the previous transformations.

The ABN AMRO landscape is challenging: from its industry, one of the most regulated; its technology, where it co-exists mainframes to cloud workloads; or the new players in the market, driving innovation. ABN AMRO envisions a workplace with an engineering culture, where autonomous teams can deliver solutions in a fast pace yet in a secure fashion. The journey aims to transform 49 departments, and it started with the department responsible for the mobile applications of ABN AMRO.

ABN AMRO journey addresses different concerns, such as the way of working, security, architecture, continuous delivery, but most importantly the people. Feedback is in the heart of the journey. Matthijs Dee (DevOps Program Manager), Roland Booijen (Tribe Lead Apps & Digital Innovation) and João Rosa (Xebia Strategic Software Delivery Consultant), will guide you in this journey, demonstrating some of the daily challenges as well the opportunities that your organization can face.