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Platform Thinking Podcast

Podcast at Platform Thinking Podcast held at online on 11 May 2023


Our next guest on the Platform Thinking Podcast is João Rosa, a strong advocate for of DDD and strategic design. João believes that embracing a new ways of operating can provide significant benefits in terms of delivering products and services that truly meet customers' needs.

As an interim CTO and consultant, João has worked with numerous companies to help them transition to new ways of thinking. This approach requires a deep understanding of the intersection between people, processes, and technology, which is precisely where João's expertise in strategic design and Domain-Driven Design comes into play. João's broad knowledge of sociotechnical system thinking enables him to co-create effective solutions that deliver tangible results.

João is also a co-organizer of DDD Nederland and Visual Collaboration Tools Netherlands meetups. He is a public speaker and trainer and has co-authored the Visual Collaboration Tools book.

Join us on the Platform Thinking Podcast to hear more about João's insights into Platform Design and his experiences helping organizations make the transition towards innovative software engineering approaches.