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EventStorming for Domain Driven Design modeling

Workshop at JFall held at Edé, The Netherlands on 7 November 2018



Creating multiple models for the same problem is one of the more important lessons that Domain Driven Design teaches us. It is a lot cheaper to quickly iterate over them and throw away less useful prototypes before we even start coding. However, creating multiple models can be hard. When we begin gaining insight from our domain, we suffer a lot from cognitive biases that get in our way to gain new insights. We need these insights before we even start thinking about modelling. Tools like EventStorming can help us to deliberate discover, and battle these biases. They help you quickly gain insight into the problem space.

What will you learn?

In this workshop, you will learn the essentials of EventStorming and how it can help you gain the necessary insights you need to deliver quality software. With our newly acquired domain knowledge, we can start modelling multiple models for the same problem with Domain Driven Design patterns. This way of visualising gives us the power to quickly iterate over the different models and figure out which will be the best to use. You will end up with the confidence to start your coding journey TDD style!