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Intentional Architecture

Talk at FlowCon held at Paris, France on 7 March 2024


Our software craft is constantly changing. Technology evolves, and our skills and practices develop as well. How about the teams we are part of? And the organizations? The evolution at the team and organization level is slower but has the potential to be more disruptive. Our brain likes routine, and it is hardwired that way. However, everything around us evolves, and we face many unknowns.

How do all of those dimensions play together? How can we thrive in our craft? Traditionally, architects had the software system in their heads, but today, it is impossible. There is cognitive overload, and it is not compatible with an environment where things are in constant flux. As people in tech, we should also be aware of the implications of technology changes in the teams and the organization. We work in sociotechnical systems, and we create sociotechnical systems. It sounds like the movie Inception.

If you are intrigued, join me in this talk, where I will explore some key concepts and what skills we can master to create an environment where everyone can thrive!