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Intentional Architecture - João Rosa and Trond Hjorteland (Small Talk)

Small talk at Avanscoperta held at online on 19 May 2023


Small Talk is a series of live-stream interactive events with our experts.

This time we talk with João Rosa and Trond Hjorteland, authors of the brand-new Intentional Architecture in-person Workshop.

What is Small Talk? It's an informal 30-minute chat on the area of expertise of our trainers, where you'll have a chance to interact with them, ask questions and learn straight from the source.

Small Talk is a chance to go behind the scenes of our experts' work and get a sneak peek of what their workshop will be about and, as usual, you’ll be able to join the conversation by asking questions from home.

Always wanted to ask a trainer that burning question about what they do? Now you have a chance!

With João Rosa and Trond Hjorteland, we’ll discuss why it's more and more important to put people at the centre of your organizations design, why traditional methods fail when it comes to creating unnecessary complexity, and how to make sure we can adapt to change in a smooth and efficient way.

We'll also get an overview of how the in-person workshop will actually work and what we are gonna get out of it - our goal is always to provide some tools and ideas you can start implementing in your work from day one after the workshop.