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Running Docker SQL Server Linux container in Windows 10

21 December 2016

Microsoft is doing a huge effort to bring SQL Server 2016 to Linux. Back in the summer, during the Dublin 2016 SQL Saturday 501, Mark Souza presented the SQL Server history. One of the major features is the ability to run SQL Sever 2016 on Linux.

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Changing the operations of a Software Company - Part I

02 December 2016

Agile is great… and sometimes painful. Do not get me wrong, I love an Agile work environment when everyone is keen to “Try, Fail, Fix, Learn and Move On”. For those ones that work in the software development space, we have more tasks than develop software.

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Integrate .NET Core, AppVeyor, OpenCover and Codecov

12 October 2016

As a developer, I need to take a good rest at night. In my line of work the only way to achieve it is using an integrated workflow pipeline, aka Source Code Management (SCM), Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) with some tools in the middle.

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Update project.json version number in AppVeyor

14 September 2016

Today was a debut using GitHub Gist. In one of my GitHub projects, I need a close integration between the Continuous Integration tool (in this case AppVeyor) and my .NET Core project, specifically in how to update the version of the DLL based on the version in AppVeyor?

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