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When Cake meets NDepend

31 December 2017

As a developer, I'm a big fan of automation. I can't create software where I need to push buttons and run manual scripts, to test & deploy it. To help me automate my software development tasks, I use Cake, "a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL".

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Learning DDD as a team

10 December 2017

A few sprints ago my team and I decided to invest heavily in Domain Driven Desing. We already started to develop the new microservices in a DDD fashion, with our domain as the central component. However, we wanted to formalize it and move the old microservices to this new paradigm.

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TechDays NL 2017

09 December 2017

he first conference that I attend since we arrived in The Netherlands was the TechDays NL 2017. The conference is sponsored by Microsoft, and it's one of the most significant tech events in the Benelux area. However, even being sponsored by Microsoft, other streams of the industry were present, showing that Microsoft is no longer "the evil".

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